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Starting another batch soon... Hurray!!!

We will soon see 2 groups of children finishing their Robotics Course; many who were learning programming for the first time and few whose previous adventures reminded how much fun it can be. We feel proud to be guiding the next generation in a path where they could find success. We would take this opportunity to thank all the parents who trusted us and supported along the way. This was our first online program and we did learn a lot in the process.

We have been contacted by many parents to enroll their kids and we have decided to start another season of our 3 month long "Rule the Robotz" Online Course. We are excited to be able to inspire more children and feed their curiosity. We plan to start on 18th October 2020 while there is enough time to spread the word around. Please help us reach more and more children by forwarding this info to all your friends. Registration is now open!!! you can find the link to register on our website Look for the event named "B2- Rule the Robotz" and choose the one relevant for the child's age. It could also be a nice gift idea for a friend's child, a nephew or a neice.

Meanwhile, we have also revamped our website in the aim to make it more and more user friendly by incorporating all the feedback we received so far. Check it our and share your opinion and suggestions to help us keep improving.

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