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Jul-Sep 2020

Thank you MINT Genie team for the great workshop. Kahan thoroughly enjoyed it and learn lot of great concepts on Robotic programming. Starting from basics of programming to developing algorithm for line following robot. Looking forward to next workshop.



B1-Rule the Robotz

Jul-Sep 2020

Great initiative by the team.. Program is wonderfully designed, teaching kids right from the basic concepts..

Initially I was bit skeptical about kids interest towards classes since it was online but the Instructor handled it great, making kids glued to the classes with excitement. The program is very well structured and organized, introducing new concepts and ideas in every class.

My son thoroughly enjoyed and will definitely miss the classes, will look forward for more such classes..

Appreciate the initiative and all the work! Kuddos to the entire team!!, :)😊👍



B1-Rule the Robotz Jr.

Jul-Sep 2020

I would also like to take this opportunity to Thank Shravan and their entire Mint Genie team for their excellent program and patience to teach our children. It is a super interesting topic for our kids and as well as for us. Indeed it is a proud moment for us parents to see them build their Robots and program them with their creative skills. You have given them a good platform to build on it. I personally thank for these classes as they have been conveniently planned on weekends. Thank you!! Keep up this good job 👌and build the future!



B1-Rule the Robotz

Jul-Sep 2020

As a parent I feel the programs conducted by Mint Genie 🧞‍♂️ was wonderful and intuitive for the kids to explore their skills on programming robots understanding basics of logic building , My son was proud of himself when he saw his first self made robot was working as per his commands , he was having great fun and found tasks to be challenging- keep the good work Mint Genie Team - wish you guys great success



B1-Rule the Robotz

Jul-Sep 2020

    Daiwik being a 8 year old boy with an inquisitive mind trying to explore the workings of the electronic toys , solving puzzles etc needed a relevant program to keep his learning going and then we go learnt about the MINT Genie initiative from the Paatashaley team (Founded and run by a team of technocrats who are passionate in spreading knowledge  in areas related to Science and technology and culture (Kannada) alike!!).

The program name " Rule the Robotz" which was targeted separately for 2 age groups and further into 3 competency levels (Innovator,Creator,Visionary) was launched in month of July and we are fortunate to have Daiwik participate in the first batch of this 3 months program, which concluded in September.

True to our expectations the classes were held systematically every Sunday in the morning followed by weekly assignments, Q&A's so forth.

Below are the key benefits of the program I saw as a parent from my kid(participant's) standpoint:

  1. Sequencing of the levels from total beginner and then working upwards for more complex levels.

  2. The creative usage of platforms like  Google classrooms which enable the kids to interact and submit their work independently.

  3. Feedback on assignments and with inputs like an alternative way to solve a given problem were shared by the instructors.

  4. Diverse mix of kids!! It's so interesting to see kids at such a young age demonstrating great interest in solving problems, curiosity to know about the innovations and latest technological trends!

  5. The building blocks needed to be successful in this program are given as simple frameworks which can be internalised and applied!!

  6. Smart selection of the hardware required for the program : Among the spate of hardware kits available out in market, the curators of this program have done a great job in identifying suitable hardware which is just good enough to execute simple yet effective robotic projects.

  7. Instructor not only presented the material in a manner that excites the kids, but was also available to take individual calls beyond the program schedule to make sure the doubts are clarified on time..

All said and done, as a parent  I am very satisfied with the quality of the program delivered and I look forward for upcoming classes from the MINT genie team .

I would definitely recommend this to my friends who want their kids to learn technology the Fun way  :)

All the best to MINT Genie team and thank you very much for hosting such a meaningful program.



B1-Rule the Robotz Jr.

Jul-Sep 2020

Thank you for making learning so interesting! Rutva really enjoyed your lessons and although he had no prior knowledge of Robotics, I think he has picked up some basics and hopes to continue to learn.We are thankful to you for being a very kind and patient teacher! I want to let you know, that we were very satisfied with this course and have recommended some friends as well, so they can benefit from it, just as we did! Thank you!!!



B1-Rule the Robotz Jr.

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