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Workshops and Courses

MINT Genie offers an amazing range of activities for kids of different age groups.

We conduct regular sessions at schools as well as workshops for public.

Please get in touch if you want us to conduct after-school activities in your local schools in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Robotics Courses

Online & Classroom Courses

Progressive learning program to build simple robots that can do specific tasks with focus on Programming and Microcontrollers using motors, sensors, LEDs and various components.

Interactive, Closely monitored and Remotely tracked sessions with short assignments every week and Design Challenge at the end of every level.

Fast paced classroom courses for gifted children.


Rule the Robotz (Beginner)
RobotinX (Fast-track)
Coding for Competitions (Intermediate)
Intro to Coding for Competitions.pdf

Science Workshops

Kids learn various Physics, Chemistry and Biology concepts while building simple projects designed to help them come up with new ideas. With hands on interractive kits, the fun multiplies.


Basic Physics Concepts
Basic Chemistry Concepts
Basic Biology Concepts

Programming Courses

Online & Classroom Courses

Code the World - Kids will use block programming tools to understand basic programming concepts like loops, logical conditions and more. Be it creating an arcade style game or solving a maze, having fun while developing key skills is the highlight


Basic Programming Concepts
Story boarding with Scratch
Game Development (Pixel/Retro)
Python with Raspberry Pi
MicroPython with ESP32

Maker Sessions

Kids learn to use everyday objects to design and build creative, fun filled, interactive toys. they also learn a great deal by fixing broken electronics and toys with focus on understanding how stuff works and how to fix it with alternative solutions.

Details about cost, age group, location and time will be notified for every event. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to be notified about updates


Toy Building
Reverse Engineering


This Workshop for kids aged 8-14 who have basic understanding of block programming concepts and sensors. With few online classroom sessions to prepare the students for the competition and to help them familiarize with the tools and simple assignments to prepare offline, Kids will be ready to face the challenge.

The Robotics competition will be online where the students will have to login to a conference and program the robot simulator LIVE !!!

Online Math competitions.


Kangaroo Math

Special Events

Various workshops are conducted on days of important scientific significance, special holidays and events.


PI-Day with AstroPI
Arcade Game Development
India Summer Days - Karlsruhe
India Day - Walldorf

Hobby Space

Maker's Hobby space where enrolled kids can do their projects and MINT Genie team will support in solving problems or provide ideas. It is a common place for like minded enthusiasts to brainstorm new ideas and help each other. Children can continue to practise, build their projects and share in the exhibition space


Mars Missions

Math Workshops

Kids start to feel comfortable with math when they learn few tricks and develop the skill to break the problem into understandable bits. Making learning fun is key. Cube solving is a great way to show off skills and perform quick spacial calculations.


Abacus/Speed Math
Cube Solving
Kangaroo Math Preparation
Vedic Math
Past Events

Past Events

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