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Great start of school year with Codeweek 2021

Code Week 2021 Update:

This year was another chance for us to motivate and inspire children in the field of STEM. This has been our primary goal and will continue to be. Thanks to the effort of TinkerTank and Codeweek BW, we had the opportunity to conduct courses in which we continued the Arcade Game Development workshop which was in demand just like last year. We also introduced another workshop using a simulator called "Robot Simulator using Gearsbot". We have been using the Gearsbot simulator for over 2 years now for our courses and we are very impressed by the work of the Singapore based developer - Here is a quick snapshot from both of our workshops.

This year we did see a small dip in the participant count than we initially imagined understandably because of online events being commonplace almost everyday. We would like to up the notch soon with a lot more classroom sessions where we can meet the kids face-to-face and that really makes a big difference.

It was a great experience working with the codeweek team and also glad to know that codeweek could reach more children with a lot more events this year. The social media experience was also strong which helped us connect with other codeweek teachers too. We are proud to be a part of the movement and would always be ready to support at the shortest notice.

AstroPi Update:

We received the certificates from the AstroPi workshop which we conducted earlier this year (in March) where kids wrote program that would run on he Raspberry Pi based AstroPi systems that are on the International space station. The programs were to run for 30 seconds which showed the humidity of the environment along with a nice message to the Astronauts. What better time to share it than when Astronaut Thomas Pesquet returned back to Earth on the Dragon Spacecraft. This was a very exciting moment for us too.

Coding for Competition Update:

Before we took a break in August this year, we had just finished an exciting course where kids learnt to code for competitions with some interesting props and challenges. We had setup some challenges in Lego and had pimped up our Maqueen Robot - you might have seen a sneakpeek in our previous blog. It eventually turned out even robust and accessorised thanks to the effort of the team.

We had prepared the kits for the enrolled students consisting of all these accessories and the procurement was a nice exercise where we learnt some new skills for ourselves too. Checkout some images below

I should pick out more time for these blogs as there is always a lot to talk about... Most importantly whats coming up???

We have started a new course "Learn Python Programming with Raspberry Pi" along with the "Rule the Robotz" course and this time we have combined the "Coding for Competition" segment into "Rule the Robotz" and running it for 7 months.

Visit our home page to enroll.

We are actively waiting for students to enroll in these courses and be amazed by the cool things they can learn and proudly show off to their friends. We are trying to reach out to more schools and libraries too, so if you think we could help someone you know, then dont hesitate to send us a note.

Meanwhile... keep inspiring and motivating.

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