Great start of school year with Codeweek 2021

Code Week 2021 Update:

This year was another chance for us to motivate and inspire children in the field of STEM. This has been our primary goal and will continue to be. Thanks to the effort of TinkerTank and Codeweek BW, we had the opportunity to conduct courses in which we continued the Arcade Game Development workshop which was in demand just like last year. We also introduced another workshop using a simulator called "Robot Simulator using Gearsbot". We have been using the Gearsbot simulator for over 2 years now for our courses and we are very impressed by the work of the Singapore based developer - Here is a quick snapshot from both of our workshops.

This year we did see a small dip in the participant count than we initially imagined understandably because of online events being commonplace almost everyday. We would like to up the notch soon with a lot more classroom sessions where we can meet the kids face-to-face and that really makes a big difference.