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Just finished 1st batch of Innovator (Rule the Robotz)

This is an interesting month, we found a way to inspire the kids with a "Robot of the Week" segment in every session where we introduced the kids to Robots used in various fields including Mars Rovers, Industrial, Warehouse and Research.

We also introduced the kids to the BBC Micro:bit ( using makecode block programming. Learning programming concepts, usage of sensors and building logic were the highlight of this month.

We are excited to start our next batch (Visionary) from 6th September 2020. Most of the children have already purchased their robotics kits too.

While we are about to finish this 1st run of Rule the Robotz program in September, we are also planning for a 2nd batch. Please let us know if you are interested to enroll your children by dropping us a note. If you wish for us to contact your school for regular sessions as part of MINT activities, please reach us and we will work with the schools (preferrable Karlsruhe for face-to-face sessions - virtual sessions would work everywhere)

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