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Emotional finish of 1st Batch and info about next-steps

27th Sep 2020 was a memorable day!!! It was the last day of our 3-month workshop and while I was doing a quick recap of all the topics we had learnt, I noticed a glow in the eyes of our students - a feeling of "Yes, I remember that" and "Oh ya, we learnt this too".

During one of my sessions, I had shown some funny clips from my favourite movie "Johnny 5" and when I showed it again, I could see them smile Ear-to-Ear. I feel even more motivated to start a next-level workshop with more advanced topics for these children

(Psst... Planning is underway for next-level)

As we mentioned last time - we are getting closer to the start date of 2nd Batch of "Rule the Robotz" Workshop. We understand that parents would have a lot of questions about the content of the course and to answer them, are we are going to conduct an info session.

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