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Codeweek Baden-Württemberg Sessions Report - Oct 2020

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

About Our Team:

MINT Genie - Focus and Motto

MINT Genie is a technology focused STEM activity center started in 2018.

Our motto is to help children get interested in the various branches of Science, Engineering and Math. Being creative and intuitive in a future surrounded by technology is the way forward.

Q. Why are we participating in Code Week?

We are always looking for opportunities to share our enthusiasm in technology with our community. We have been conducting various activities in Karlsruhe like:

  • Science workshops

  • Robotics classes (both online and in classroom)

  • Toy building workshops

  • Kangaroo Math Preparations

  • Speed-solving Rubik’s Cube workshops

  • Robotics Challenge program and after-school activities at European school, Karlsruhe

We found the Code Week initiative to be very much in-line with our goals and is also a great platform to reach-out to larger audience

Q. What did we offer?

During the “Code Week 2020”, we offered 2 online sessions on Arcade Game Development in English and Deutsch where the children learnt how to create simple Arcade-style games using block programming. This course did not need any background in programming. More details below:

Links for the courses:

Some of the example games that were created during the session:

Some Pictures from the event:

Q. How did the participants like it?

Children are only addicted to playing games, but the idea that they can create their own games, share it with friends and have fun is a powerful way of learning.

There was a lot of enthusiasm from the kids and we also received great personal feedback from parents telling that their kids have been building their own games during the recent holidays.

Our Impressions about Code Week BW 2020

We are extremely satisfied with the super-quick support during the registration of teams and sessions and we were also provided all information to set up and get the classes going. The team was very helpful in responding to our questions and it feels great to be working with a like-minded community initiative. We really appreciate the effort of the teams and would like to continue working with Code Week in future. We would be excited to collaborate and work with teams having similar programs and participate in this movement to support children and prepare them for the future!!!

How to reach us

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